5 Recipes for Lent

Each year, on Ash Wednesday and all Fridays in Lent, millions of people remove meat from their diet. It can be hard to find new inspiration each week for an easy-to-make and delicious meatless meal. Here are 5 of our favorite recipes your family will love this Lenten season.


Cauliflower Crust White Pizza

Let’s be honest. Pizza is an awesome go-to staple during Lent. It’s quick and delicious. At Savor, we’re no different than all the pizza lovers out there. But, it can be fun to switch up your pizza routine from time to time. Try this cauliflower crust white pizza recipe for a fun twist on pizza.

Crispy Chickpea and Spiced Yogurt Bowl

Looking for a healthy option this Lent? Look no further. This bowl has protein-rich, delicious yogurt, fennel salad and chickpeas. But, with a little spice added, it’s also full of flavor.

Green Goddess Salad

Salads are a staple for many people during Lent. They’re a good, quick option. But, salads can also get a little boring if you eat the same one each week. This Green Goddess Salad is a fun, healthy option for you this Lent.

Broccoli Rabe Macaroni and Cheese

Kids love Mac and Cheese during Lent (well, they love it all year)! But, our Broccoli Rabe Macaroni and Cheese is a dish the whole family will love.

Tomato and Spinach Lasagna

Cheese lovers, you’ll want to make this dish all year long! This hot, cheesy dish is perfect on a cold night, and is perfect for parents and kids! Just don’t tell the kids they’re getting some extra veggies if their delicious lasagna!

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