Wine and Cheese, Better Together

There are some pairings that are just meant to be, like wine and cheese. Whether you’re hosting a simple wine and cheese tasting for family and friends or want to just enjoy some of your favorite cheeses with wine, we have put together a few of our favorite pairings.

four glasses of wine - 3 white and 1 red are behind a wooden cheese board with 4 kinds of cheese

For our at-home tastings, we like having a variety of at-least 4 various cheeses, unique in its own flavor. Each cheese is of course paired off with wine. We start off the tasting with a red wine and close it off with a Brut.

a wooden cheese board with 4 types of cheese sliced and laid on it



The Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied wine with a long finish, which pairs perfectly with the aged Cheddar because of its rich flavor.

a glass of Cabernet and a bowl of sliced aged cheddar cheese



The ripe and crisp flavor of a chardonnay compliments the mild nutty flavors of Gruyere cheese.

a glass of chardonnay and a dish of sliced Gruyere cheese



Pinot Grigio wines aren’t too sweet but are light, which pairs well with the sweet and creamy notes of Gouda cheese.

glass of pinot grigio and a dish of sliced gouda



The acidity and carbonation of a Brut balances out the strong, delicious flavors in the delicacy of Brie.

glass of white wine with a side of soft cheese

Curious about why wine and cheese go so well together? You can learn more about the science here. Check out our appetizer recipes for more great dishes to serve with your wine and cheese pairings.

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