Cheese-Filled Edible Floral Arrangement

What screams spring and summer more than flowers? A floral masterpiece made with cheese, cured meats, fruit and candy! Our floral charcuterie board is a great way to make food art. It won’t be easy for adults or kids to not snack on the ingredients while creating this work of art.

This board is so simple that even kids can make it while getting as creative as they would like! We’ve always admired the details that go into food art and wanted to create something that’s fun and easy-to-make.

a beautiful charcuterie board with the meats rolled to look like flowers


Set up the board with all the ingredients alongside of it. The ingredients that we recommend are ones to make the board pictured above, but feel free to get as creative as you would like. The larger the board, the more flowers and clouds you can add.

an assortment of charcuterie board ingredients in separate dishes


  1. For the flower, you will make 7 groups of cured meats which will be for each petal. The 7 petals will be used to form the flower.
  2. To make each petal, you will roll the cured meats, adding a new layer around each roll until you have about 4-5 pieces of meat per petal.
  3. To fasten it in place, take a toothpick and push it through the bottom and set aside. Repeat this step 7 times to form the 7 petals.
  4. Once all of the petals are assembled, stand them upright on the board. You can then connect the toothpicks into the petals it’s next to it so the flower stays in place.
  5. Use the rosemary as the stem and leaves for the flower.


  1. Place the chocolate covered raisins across the bottom to represent the ground.
  2. The cut pieces of the block cheese will be placed across the board. Leave space on a top corner.
  3. Create a cloud on the empty top corner with the mozzarella cheese balls.
  4. The finishing touch is the heart shaped strawberries. To make strawberries hearts, cut of the stem and then cut the strawberries in half. Once cut in half, cut a small triangle out of the head of the strawberry. This will create the heart shape.


strawberries cut to look like little hearts

Once your edible floral arrangement is completed, take a moment to admire the piece of art before digging in!

an overhead view of the finished floral charcuterie board

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