How to Throw a Virtual Birthday Party

Birthday celebrations this year have taken a slight detour due to the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean that special moments for special people in your life can’t be celebrated. The only twist is that the festivities will take place virtually!

child wearing a party hat and clapping while looking at a computer screen - she has a piece of cake with a birthday candle next to her

No matter the age, Birthday celebrations never go out of style. Counting down to parties is always a highlight for kids (and adults), however the countdown this season has a bit of a different finale. Video conferencing platforms have become the go-to for so many, whether both kids and adults are online for school, catching up with friends and family, celebrating occasions virtually or hopping on video calls for work.

That’s why we put together the ultimate virtual celebration guide so those that deserve to be celebrated are so in the ultimate virtual fashion in midst of the current climate that we are in!


virtual birthday invitation

Not having a physical location for a celebration doesn’t mean that invites can’t be emailed or text to friends and family. You can utilize e-card websites to create and send out invitations or design them yourself. You can even download our design via the link right below and make the edits right in Adobe Acrobat to customize the copy to read how you choose.

Virtual Birthday Invite


In addition to birthday cards that you have planned to mail out, you can make video or e-cards with a compilation of still images or videos. For e-cards, ask friends and family to send you a photo of themselves holding a piece of paper with a word written on it. If for example 6 individuals are able to partake, the message can say “Happy Birthday (name of individual). We Love You” with each of the 6 individuals sending a photo of themselves of holding up a piece of paper with 1 of those 6 words written out on it in bold letters. Once you receive the photos, make a collage and add a birthday message along with it to send to the Birthday boy or girl! If friends and family are able to send in videos, you can create a video compilation to send. Kids receiving messages from their friends, especially during a time when they haven’t been able to spend time with them will truly make it a memorable Birthday.


You can get as creative as you want for the décor. Decorate a part of a wall or area in the room that the birthday boy or girl will be sitting in front of for their virtual celebration with extra decorations. You can use balloons, banners or streamers that you have at home. If you don’t have streamers or a banner, you can make one with construction paper, or standard copy paper with some markers.


Is a birthday even a birthday without cake? There are 2 things that kids look forward to on their birthday’s every year. Opening gifts and having cake! Make a birthday cake ahead of time and bring it to them during their video call so friends and family can sing Happy Birthday and watch as the candles are blown out and the cake is cut.

We selected a few of our delicious, attainable and easy-to-make cake recipes that you can make with no hassle!

Chocolate Milk and Chocolate Chip Cake with Nutella

chocolate cake garnished with straberries

Strawberry Drizzle Ice Cream Cake

ice cream cake with chocolate syrup and strawberries

Pecan Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

carrot cake with frosting and pecans sprinkled on top

Chocolate Sheet Cake with Chocolate Ganache Frosting

chocolate sheet cake with chocolate frosting and multi colored sprinkles

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