The Ultimate Halloween Cheese Board

Create the ultimate Halloween charcuterie board with a jack-o-lantern, ghost and so much more! Whether you’re hosting an intimate get together or spending it just with family, this board is sure to be a show-stopper that everyone will love!

halloween snack board with a pumpkin and ghost made of cheese cubes

Don’t let appearances intimidate you, because this board filled with cheesy goodness is simple and fun to make. You can make the jack-o-lantern, ghost or both for your board.

Assemble them free-hand or use one of our stencils. If you use our stencil, print it out and trace it on a piece of parchment paper. Once you’ve traced it, cut it out of its outlines and place it on the board you’re using. From there, use it as the template to assemble your jack-o-lantern and ghost on. Both our stencils are 8×10 in size.



Jack-O-Lantern Charcuterie

close up of pumpkin made of cheddar cheese cubes

For the jack-o-lantern, we recommend using a variety of cheddar cheeses that are orange in color. You will need to use about 2 (8 ounce) bricks of cheese at max depending on the size of the jack-o-lantern to create it. For the eyes, nose and mouth, use olives or blackberries. For the stem, use a small cucumber, jalapeno pepper or anything else that you have in your refrigerator that resembles one.=

Ghost Charcuterie

close up of ghost made of white cheese slices

For the ghost, some of our favorite cheeses to use are provolone, sharp white-cheddar, swiss or gruyère. You will need about 2 (8 ounce) blocks of cheese. For the eyes and mouth, you will want to use olives or blackberries like we recommended for the jack-o-lantern as well.

close up of pepperoni folds

Once you’ve created the cheese-licious centerpieces of your board, it’s time to surround them with some of their snack friends. This is where you can get as creative as you want. Customize your Halloween board so everyone is satisfied. We always have a variety of meats, along with a yogurt dip, hummus, vegetables and crackers. The best part about this board is that if you have kids, they will enjoy helping you assemble it as much as they will love devouring it!

other items on halloween snack board

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