Flavored Milks Flights

Milk does the body good, which is why these homemade flavored milks will revitalize your love for milk and might just cause you to permanently throw out the powders and syrups. These nutritious, creamy and simply delicious flavored milk recipes are made from all-natural farm-fresh products without an overwhelming dose of unnecessary sugar.

Why stop at one flavor when you can make four? Serve the flavored milks in flights for a fun and flavorful presentation.

a wooden serving board with 4 glasses of different flavored milk on it.

We taste-tested various flavored milk recipes that we developed and overwhelmingly our favorites are chocolate peanut butter, mint chocolate chip, strawberry banana and salted caramel. Each and every flavor was Savor kid-tested & parent-approved, which is why it’s a great drink for both adults and kids to enjoy!


chocolate mint milk with a straw and mint leaf garnish

Convert a loved ice cream flavor into flavored milk with a secret ingredient, which your kids won’t even realize! The secret ingredient is avocado. Yes, avocado! If we didn’t share the recipe with you, you wouldn’t have even known that it’s an ingredient if you tried it.


A loved combination for many is chocolate and peanut butter.  Think a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in a glass, but healthier. This was a favorite with our kid taste-testers, with many having requested for seconds.

peanut butter chocolate milk in a small mason jar


Strawberries and bananas mixed together has been a staple flavor for years. That’s why we had to create this historic flavor that never gets old into a flavored milk.

strawberry banana milk in a small mason jar


This sweet and savory flavor is habit-forming. Salted caramel is very popular in candy and dessert form, and tastes just as good as flavored milk. Once you start drinking out of this glass, you won’t be able to stop.

milk with a caramel as garnish on the rim

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