5 Tips for a 5-Star Picnic

With the spring and summer months upon us, whether you have a picnic in your backyard or at a local park, these 5 tips are sure to make for a 5-star picnic! Prepping for a picnic is something that the entire family can take part in, from putting together snacks and meals to deciding on games to bring along for an extra dose of fun.

beautiful picnic spread on a striped blanket


glass dishes filled with dips and veggies

Every picnic should have appetizers because they are perfect to start with and snack on! Two of our favorite snackable appetizers to are a variety of cheese and crackers along with mixed vegetables with a sour cream dip. Cheddar, gouda and swiss cheese are the cheeses that you will find in our variety pack. We also bring along a fruit spread to add to our cheese and crackers to give even more flavor. Sour cream dips are great because they are delicious and easy to make or purchase. You can find sour cream dips right in the dairy aisle or make sour cream dip yourself by just adding a packet of dip seasoning to a cup or two of sour cream.

a glass dish with olives, cheese cubes, mozzarella balls and everything has pesto on it

When it comes to salad, no one will turn down a serving of antipasto salad. It adds a tasteful variety to the snacks and apps lineup. Our antipasto salad always has two types of olives, salami, provolone and mozzarella cheese. Just add a bit of olive oil along with Italian herb seasoning to your liking to it and you’re all set!


various kid-friendly snacks in to-go style containers

For the main course, we like to keep it simple. For adults we love making bialy sandwiches and for kids it’s always meat and cheese rolls with a side of fruit. Our bialy sandwiches have mustard as the base on the bialy, with slices of deli meats and cheese. Muenster cheese slices are usually our go-to for these sandwiches for us, but any others such as swiss, provolone or cheddar will absolutely do. For the kids, we usually use the same meats and cheeses as the bialy sandwiches to keep it convenient. Let the kids make their rolls and pack their lunch boxes! It keeps them occupied as you continue to prep for the picnic.


a water bottle, bottle of white wine and 2 chocolate milk bottles

From chocolate milk to wine and water, beverages and booze are essential. We always bring water in a extra-large insulated bottle because it keeps it at the perfect temperature and carries enough for the entire family. As for wine, well that is an absolute must for adults who aren’t driving! Chocolate milk is great to refuel the kids (and adults) with, especially when outdoor games and activities are involved. It’s also great to have as dessert!


on the left is a packed picnic basket on the right is a basket of drinks

Packing the food and drinks so it all fits is almost an art. Our first recommendation is to use a picnic basket or any basket that closes shut for the shelf-stable food items, plates, utensils, cups and napkins. If your picnic basket already has plates, cups and utensils in designated compartments, then that already saves you a step. You will want to bring an insulated cooler packed with the drinks and any foods that aren’t shelf-stable. For the food, pack it all separately in reusable containers in the various sizes that you have. Lastly, don’t forget to bring a blanket and hand sanitizer!


another view of the picnic spread

Pick a spot, set up shop and let the picnic begin! Try to find an area that is flat so it’s easier to rest your food. We also recommend packing some of your favorite games for the entire family to play!

dishes of foods spread out on a picnic blanket

We hope your picnic is relaxing and delicious! Check out our favorite grilling recipes for more inspiration.


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