DIY Pizza Kits A Recipe for Fun and Flavor

Pizza nights are a delicious way to have a fun family night, especially in midst of the current climate with social distancing. A family night with DIY pizza kits right at home is an enjoyable way to spend time together since food is the ingredient that always binds us together. Now, what if we told you that you can eat and play? Keep on reading to find out how you can turn a make your own pizza night into a game night with pizza bingo!

But first, pizza. The benefit of making your own pizza kits is that they can be customized for everyone in the household. Individual pizza kits can be used for either personal pan or larger pizzas.

A tray with different ingredients to make a customized pizza, along with small bowls of cheddar cheese and pizza sauce.

Make Your Own Pizza Kits

When it comes to making kits, everyone can get as creative as they want. Pizzas are a great way to use the cheeses, vegetables and meats that are in your refrigerator.

If your family wants to make 1 or more large pizzas versus a handful of personal ones, you will just need to section off the large pizza in order to give each individual their own section of the pizza to customize to their liking with their personal kits.

For the kits, everyone will get a few small bowls for the sauce and toppings as well as a small tray or plate for additional toppings and seasonings of their choice. Depending on the size of the pizzas being made, you will want either large or personal sized pizza pans.

Ingredients for crafting your own pizza, including cheese, pepperoncini, and pepperoni.


Create Your Pizza(s)!

Pizza Dough

Making dough can be a fun activity, but if you don’t have the ingredients or the time needed for it, then store bought pizza dough and frozen or non-frozen pizza crusts work just as great. If you go the store bought route, you can use either a traditional crust or a more non-traditional crust such as a cauliflower crust to get some extra veggies or to make it a gluten-free pizza.


The base is the foundation of the pizza that brings all the flavors together. You can make your own pizza sauce or even a pesto recipe if you would like for the base. A quick, easy and delicious option is to use jars of pasta sauce that you have in your pantries or refrigerators. It can be a jar of tomato, vodka, alfredo or any other sauce of your preference. If your family can’t agree on just one base, feel free to section off the pizza by having half of it one base and the other half another.


This is where the real fun comes in. Ordering pizzas always pose the question, “What toppings do you want”? Agreeing on toppings can become a household debate, but when making your own pizza kits it no longer is. If personal pan pizzas are being made, then it makes it very easy for everyone to make their pizza pies exactly how they want. If however 1 or 2 larger pizzas are being made, then you can easily divide and assign the pizza into 2, 3 or 4 sections. This way everyone can customize their designated section of the pizza. Regardless of the topping combinations that are put together. the on tip that we highly recommend is to use at least two different cheeses for each section to give it a delectable cheesy flavor. Whether it’s shredded mozzarella and ricotta or shredded mozzarella with mozzarella slices, you can never go wrong with extra cheese!

A pizza topped with various ingredients, prepared and awaiting baking.


Eat and Play for an Unforgettable Game Night Experience

Cook your pizza(s) according to the instructions of the dough or crust that you are using.

A freshly baked pizza, piping hot and ready to be enjoyed.

Want to eat and play? Then play a round or 2 or 3 of pizza bingo!

Pizza-themed Bingo game board.



You don’t have to have a bingo caller calling out the words and numbers for this game of bingo. Everyone can join in on the fun by just cutting out the pieces from the last page of printable file above. Our printable bingo file has 4 unique bingo sheets as well as a sheet with pieces to cut and put into a bag or bowl. Players are to take turns to select a random piece from the bag or bowl. The first person to fill up an entire row, wins! Instead of writing on the sheets, use coins as markers so you can save the bingo sheets for your next family night with DIY pizza kits!

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