Santa’s Favorite Cookies and Milk

Milk and cookies is a nostalgic combo that never gets old with age. Since it’s a household favorite, we’re always looking for ways to amplify our milk and cookies repertoire. That’s where holiday flavored milk and festive cookies come in!

The entire family will enjoy our seasonal flavored milk and holiday cookie recipes. So much so, that you might even find yourselves telling your kids to create some of these recipes for Santa’s milk and cookies tray, just so you can devour them for a late-night snack!

All the recipes are kid-tested and Santa approved! The best part is that you can pair the cookies and milk; however your taste buds desire.

Flavored Milk Recipes

Kids often feel left out when adults create and enjoy holiday-themed cocktails during this time of year. Our flavored milk recipes are infused with holiday classic flavors that both kids and adults won’t be able to get enough of. Enjoy them one at a time, or create all three to make a holiday milk flight!


Chocolate Candy Cane Milk


Festive Caramel Eggnog Milk


Vanilla Holiday Cookie Milk



Our holiday inspired cookie recipes are as easy to make as they are delicious! They also pair perfectly with our holiday flavored milks!


At first glance, these cookies may look like regular drop sugar cookies. One bite of the sweet and citrus combination of these cookies is enough to make it a new family favorite. The not-so-secret ricotta ingredient adds protein, calcium, potassium and an irresistible texture. Plus, the dough is cookie scoop ready, making it a recipe that you don’t have to wait long to enjoy!

ricotta holiday cookies with holiday sprinkles


An inside-out take on classic chocolate chip cookies makes a batch of these perfect for an afternoon treat or special celebration! Instead of adding chocolate chips into the cookie mixture, the chips are used for the topping. Adding yogurt in this recipe adds flavor and offers a nutritious punch.

fancy chocolate chip cookies with chocolate drizzled on top


Our take on whoopie pies gives the timeless sweet treat a festive twist that will bring holiday cheer to taste buds of all ages! You can also create these cookies with a seasonal flavor by adding peppermint extract to the filling! Before serving, don’t forget to roll your whoopie pies through a pile of holiday sprinkles or crushed candy canes for good measure!

Festive Whoopie Pies

Keep in mind that these cookies are perfect for Santa’s milk and cookies set or DIY cookie gift boxes. Whether you’re enjoying these cookies near or far from your loved ones, they will surely make for a tasty addition to your holidays, especially when paired with a glass of milk or flavored milk!