Rainbow Fruit Board with a Twist

Whether you’re entertaining guests and want to make an easy-to-make artistic platter or want kids to indulge in fruits, a rainbow fruit salad is always the answer. The yogurt for this salad is not just what brings the salad together, but it compliments the flavors of the various fruits perfectly.

a rainbow of different colored fruits with dips at the ends

This colorful platter is a favorite of ours to display and is always the ultimate snack or dessert for kids to dive into. The best part is that if you have kids at home who are eager to be your little helper, they will have a field day assembling the rainbow and making the yogurt dip as you chop up the fruits for them!

a rainbow of fruit with dips at the end

The yogurt for this fruit salad is so delicious that it but might run out before the fruit does, so we recommend making 2 cups of it! For the yogurt, you will need two small bowls as they will be displayed as the clouds.




  1. In a bowl, add the yogurt, honey and cinnamon.
  2. Mix well until the honey and cinnamon are evenly dissolved. Serve in 2 small bowls.

The rainbow is where you can get as creative as you want since you have the ability to choose from a variety of fruits. We’ve listed fruit options for each color of the rainbow, but feel free to use any fruits desired.

Red: strawberries (as pictured, cut in half), watermelon (cubed), raspberries

Orange: golden berries (as pictured), clementines (separated)

Yellow: pineapples (as pictured, cubed), mangoes (sliced), bananas (sliced)

Green: white grapes (as pictured, cut in half), kiwi (sliced)

Blue: blueberries (as pictured), concord grapes (cut in half)

Purple: purple grapes (as pictured, cut in half)

In terms of the quantity of fruits to use, that all depends on the number of people the rainbow fruit salad display will be served for. Traditionally, we purchase one package, bag or bundle of each fruit to assemble the salad platter. If you find yourself left with fruits that weren’t used for the platter, not to worry because our whipped fruit salad recipe is the perfect go-to recipe to make in order to create a new and refreshing dessert!


whipped fruit salad



  1. In a bowl, with a hand mixer mix the Cool Whip and cream cheese.
  2. Once mixed well, add in the vanilla extract and mix until the extract has dissolved evenly into the mixture.
  3. Add in the fruits and mix well with a spatula.
  4. Refrigerate for 30 minutes before serving.

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