Show-Stopping Antipasto Christmas Tree

antipasto holiday tree centerpiece

Nothing depicts the creativity of the holiday season more than a very merry edible centerpiece. Upgrade your appetizer table with this edible 3-D antipasto Christmas tree! Creating this show-stopper is an activity that the entire family can take part in.




The bones of structure itself takes just a few minutes to put together. Insert a few toothpicks into the foam circle because it will be used as a base. Push them about 3/4 of the way into the foam.

centerpiece pieces to begin assembly

Once the toothpicks have been inserted into the base, push the cone onto the other end of the toothpicks, creating your structure. You don’t have to use the foam circle as the base, but the reason that we recommend in using it is that it will keep the tree sturdy, and can easily be placed on any boards when ready to be displayed. Keep in mind that as you begin to add cheeses and olives, the tree will get heavier, so having a sturdy structure is critical.

close up of first step of assembly

After the structure is created, begin inserting toothpicks around the circumference of the cone. The best way to do this is by doing a small section at a time. Insert toothpicks, with about 1/2 inch between each, and begin to add the edible ingredients to the section.

second step of assembly

putting olives, peppers and mozzarella cheese in place

When creating this masterpiece, alternate your ingredients. Don’t forget to top off the tree with a star. You can use a small star ornament or cut a piece of cheese into the shape of a star and insert it onto the top of the cone with a toothpick.

the final piece

Another reason that we like using the foam board as the base is that you can make it look like the tree skirt. Move the tree with the base onto a serving dish or board. Cover and surround the base with cured meats and crackers. Once complete, dig in and enjoy!