Our Favorite Ice Cream in New York City, The City That Never Sleeps

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Especially the kids.

As many travel to big cities throughout the Summer, what better quick stop while traveling and exploring other than visiting some of the best ice cream shops. Our first stop on our Summer road trip began in New York City. Although we spent a significant amount of our time sight-seeing, visiting museums, watching plays on Broadway and dining at some of the best hole in the wall restaurants, the one thing that we had to add to our itinerary was to try as much ice cream as we could at some of the most unique ice cream shops.

From unicorn-shaped ice cream to Care Bear themed ice cream, here are some of our top picks for you to visit, whether you are visiting New York City from out of town or are a local who hasn’t stopped by one of these hidden gems yet.

1.) Taiyaki

a fish shaped ice cream cone topped with a swirl of ice cream with a unicorn horn

Whether you are in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens this Summer, Taiyaki has you covered. Taiyaki is not just the name of this ice cream shop, but is Japanese for a fish-shaped cake, often stuffed with red bean paste or custard. At Taiyaki, you have the option of choosing from a red bean paste or custard stuffed fish pastry as the base of your ice cream! We aren’t quite sure what kind of ice cream cone will ever top that for us ever again. And it doesn’t stop there. Unicorn themed everything is as popular as it gets, but have you ever had unicorn ice cream? Well, Taiyaki will customize your order to resemble a unicorn with any of its unique flavors, from matcha to black sesame ice cream!

2.) Stuffed Ice Cream

an ice cream cone with 6 scoops of vibrant colored ice cream on topa donut filled with ice cream scoops and topped with fruit pepples

At Stuffed Ice Cream we couldn’t decide on what flavor to get, so we got 7! And believe it or not, that is just less than half of the one of a kind flavors that they offer. First, we started off with a 7-scoop ice cream bouquet. We were very tempted to order their 21-scoop ice cream bouquet (yes, you read that right), but we quickly realized that we would need about 10 more family members or friends with us to eat it all. Our 7-scoop ice cream bouquet consisted of; Andes peppermint, cookie monster, white chocolate lavender, Thai tea, red velvet cookie dough crumble, black sesame and matcha flavored ice creams. To top that off, we ordered a unicorn poop cruff. When the menu consists of the word unicorn, we can’t resist. A cruff is basically a dessert dream come true for kids, teenagers and adults. It’s a toasted, glazed donut stuffed with ice cream. The unicorn poop cruff consisted of white chocolate lavender and Thai tea ice cream topped off with fruity pebbles. Our advice before visiting Stuffed Ice Cream? Leave extra room for dessert!

3.) Milk & Cream Cereal Bar

an ice cream cone topped with gummy bears and a bowl of ice cream topped with teddy grahams

Milk & Cream Cereal Bar is where we were taken back to our childhood via ice cream. As for kids, trust us when we say that they won’t want to leave. Not only can you indulge in ice cream and milkshakes combined with your favorite cereals here, but also customized cereal bowls! The moment we entered and saw that Milk & Cream Cereal Bar was doing a collaboration with Care Bears, we knew what to order. Along with our order of the special Care Bear ice cream cup, we ordered the fruity berry bliss, which is a blend of ice cream with Fruit Loops, strawberries, and blueberries topped off with fruity pebbles and gummy bears. Their extensive cereal and toppings options are just one of the reasons why kids (and adults) won’t want to leave!

4.) Davey’s Ice Cream

a red ice cream cone held in front of a sign that says "ice cream"

We stumbled upon Davey’s Ice Cream after dining in the neighborhood that it’s located in. Knowing that we didn’t have much room left to consume much more food, ice cream is one thing that we will always make room for, and we were sure glad that we did. Davey’s prides themselves in using all-natural milk and cream from local New York State creameries while formulating and pasteurizing their bases right in-house. From classics such as banana splits to ice cream sundaes, you are left wondering what the secret ingredient that they use in all their ice creams is that makes each of the flavors so incredible.

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