The Ultimate DIY Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Whether you are hosting a Summer barbeque, pool party, birthday party or just having friends over for an afternoon of fun, you can take dessert to a whole new level with the ultimate DIY ice cream sundae bar right in your own backyard!

a party table with all the fixings for an ice cream sundae bar

We hosted a Summer Solstice party and opted to go with bright colors for our décor. The first thing that we recommend is to decide on the theme, whether it’s just particular colors or an actual theme such as a luau. The theme will always be the starting point and foundation of the bar. It will narrate the look and feel of your customized ice cream sundae bar.

When it comes time to making sundaes, we have three words. Toppings, toppings and more toppings! This is where you can get as creative as you want. Having a variety of syrups, jarred toppings such as fudge, fruit, candies, cookies and nuts will let kids and even adults get as carried away as they want in order to make their dream ice cream sundae.

Add that extra touch by having bases available to use in addition to bowls. Flavored cones are a great addition to add to the table.

3 bottles of different flavored hershey's syrup and two jars of smuckers ice cream topping

a close up of empty ice cream cones

Since the ice cream bar will have a plethora of toppings available, keep the ice cream flavors simple. Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry are traditional favorites that everyone’s heart will desire. To prevent the ice cream from melting, fill a bucket with ice and store the ice creams in there for serving. This will keep the ice cream chilled and prevent a mess from being made when people are scooping ice cream.

three flavors of ice cream in a bucket of ice

The Ultimate DIY Ice Cream Sundae Bar – Checklist will serve as the perfect guide for when you’re at the grocery store or shopping online. Ice cream is always the answer, so make your party a little more sweet this summer with this DIY ultimate ice cream bar!

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