3 Ideas to Use Your Cheese Platter Leftovers

Charcuterie boards are all the rage and it’s no surprise people love them! They are chock-full of delicious foods like cheeses, jams, meats, vegetables, and did we mention – more cheese? No one is ever disappointed when a charcuterie board is on the menu including the host since they are incredibly simple to put together and customize.

More often than not you will have leftovers and not know what to do with them other than store the items to create another board sooner than later so nothing gets spoilt. Well, what if we told you that we know the best solution to ensuring no cheese is ever left behind?

With a bit of creativity and recipe magic, your charcuterie board leftovers will have you wishing you had more leftovers! Our charcuterie board leftover recipes might also inspire your next board, because planning a use for the leftovers might inspire new meals.

Here are a few ways that your charcuterie board will be the gift that keeps giving even after your guests have left!

Charcuterie Board Panini

Gather your favorite leftover items and place them between two slices of bread. Mix it up based on what you have left over and the next time you make a charcuterie board, you may be scheming to figure out how to buy the right ingredients for your next-day panini.

Charcuterie grilled cheese sandwich

Everything and Egg Frittata

Eggs quite literally hold food together, and in this case they transform leftovers into a delightful dish for breakfast or brunch. Load up with leftover cheeses and meats for a crowd-pleasing breakfast frittata or a quick meal-prep breakfast for the week ahead.

A piece of everything and egg frittata next to a skillet, cheddar cheese, forks, and a napkin.

Roasted Antipasto Salad 

Tired from entertaining the day before but feel kind of hungry? Put all your charcuterie board fixings in a baking dish and get fancy with this simple one-pan meal. Other than your leftovers, all you need is some lettuce!

A big wooden salad bowl filled with a delicious roasted antipasto salad.