5 DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

Hosting a party is loads of fun but also a lot of work. As guests, we simply attend as the host does most the planning, preparation and entertaining. This holiday, show the host of a holiday party you attend along with other friends and family how much you appreciate them by creating a homemade gift from the heart!

Bags of cheddar cheese curds inside a pair of festive red mugs next to holiday decorations.

The best party about DIY gifts is that they are as budget friendly as you want them to be, fun to create, and fully customizable for the recipient. Creating them even makes for a fun family activity or DIY date with friends.

Our 5 DIY holiday gift ideas will make for the perfect gifts. Now, let’s get crafty!


Cheese Curds Mug

Two vibrant mugs, adorned with ribbons, showcasing the delightful charm of cheese curds.

Think a bit more out of the box with this cheese curds mug.  You can purchase cheese curds from local retailers or even online. Nothing better than supporting local while gifting your loved ones!

Step 1: Purchase a mug that can be used all season long. You can even purchase personalized mugs from online stores such as Personalization Mall if you’re looking to really create a customized gift.

Step 2: Add the bag of cheese curds into the mug.

Step 3: Wrap the mug in clear gift wrap and tie a bow around the top!


Cheese And Wine Basket

Beautiful basket filled with cheese and wine, ready to be gifted.

One can never go wrong when gifting cheese and wine. The options on how to present it are endless. You can keep it simple by pairing an easy to find cheese like brie, cheddar or Parmesan with a bottle of red wine and putting it in a reusable gift bag, or you can get a bit more fancy by creating a homemade cheese and wine basket.

Step 1: Purchase a reusable basket that will fit your items. Baskets are great in lieu of gift bags as the recipient can repurpose it in a variety of ways.

Step 2: Include a bottle of red wine and white wine in the basket. Put the bottles in reusable wine bags to upgrade the look.

Step 3: Add in a package of aged cheddar and a wedge of Parmesan cheese. For a more extravagant basket, include a package of crackers, nuts, olives, dried fruits, chocolates or jams.

Step 4: Insert your card or note in the basket and wrap it with cellophane. Finish it off by adding a bow!


Homemade Cheesy Popcorn

Two glass tins of homemade cheesy popcorn decorated with festive ribbons next to a green Christmas ball and a red napkin.

We are all familiar with large tins of cheesy popcorn around the holidays. They make a great gift, but a homemade version is even better! The best part is that you don’t need advanced cooking skills to make it. All you need are popcorn kernels, cheese, butter, fresh herbs like rosemary, and salt and pepper! Our personal favorite homemade popcorn recipe is, Rosemary, Butter and Gouda Popcorn. Now, let’s get cooking!

Step 1: Make the Rosemary, Butter and Gouda Popcorn

Step 2: Once the popcorn has cooled, add it into reusable containers.

Step 3: Use ribbon to wrap bows around the containers.


Hot Chocolate Gift Set

Black basket with two cocoa mugs, marshmallows, candy canes, and a milk jar in the background.

Who doesn’t love hot cocoa around the holidays? It’s the perfect way to warm up on a chilly day, or unwind. You can help the recipient create milk moments this season by creating a hot chocolate gift set.

Step 1: Fill a small glass milk bottle with hot cocoa mix halfway, and the other half with mini marshmallows. Add sugar if desired based on the type of cocoa mix you use.

Step 3: Purchase a one-liter carton of milk.

Step 4: Purchase insulated mugs or tumblers.

Step 5: Purchase a packet of holiday cookies and a few candy canes.

Step 6: Add all the items into a basket lined with a new dish towel. You can put the milk in a small cooler bag for transport so it stays cold. If desired, you can even purchase a medium sized cooler bag and put all the items in that in lieu of the basket. This way you can gift a cooler bag which always comes in handy, filled with a hot chocolate gift set inside!


Edible Charcuterie Board Set

Charcuterie board set with cheese knife and variety of cheeses decorated with cranberries.

Take a cheese board a step further for this gift by creating a charcuterie board with all the fixings.

Step 1: Purchase a cheese board of any size along with cheese knives.

Step 2: For your gift set, include a variety of cheeses such as provolone, cheddar, brie and parmesan. Be sure to also add packets of fresh or dried fruits, olives, crackers, nuts, chocolates and jams for the set.

Step 3: Using ribbon, tie a bow around each of the edible items. Put all the items including the board in a reusable basket or bag before gifting.