Snowman Cheese Ball

The Appetizer Centerpiece That’s Almost Too Cute to Eat

Nothing grabs the attention of friends and family more than edible centerpieces. The appetizer table is always a go-to table for kids and adults, especially when it is filled with all the scrumptious favorites. An artistically delicious way to have the appetizer table grab everyone’s attention more than it already does is by adding an edible centerpiece! The buffalo ranch snowman cheese ball is the perfect addition. Not only is it almost too cute to eat, but it’s incredibly easy to make. If you have kids around, they will enjoy being helpers in making this edible snowman!


snowman cheese ball

SERVES: 10-12

PREP TIME: 10 minutes

COOK TIME: 10 minutes

How To Make A Buffalo Ranch Snowman Cheese Ball


Putting this snowman together takes just a handful of ingredients.




In a medium bowl, mix the cream cheese, ranch seasoning, garlic powder, buffalo sauce and hot sauce.

a bowl of cheese being mixed together

Ensure that all the ingredients are mixed in very well.


a bowl of cheese mixed up

Once the mixture is mixed well, set aside 2 plates. On one plate you will have the shredded cheese and on the other you will assemble the body of the snowman.



cheese formed into a ball and coated with cheese

Scoop up portions of the mixture and in your hands roll the cheese until you form a ball. You will want to form 3 separate cheese balls, large to small in order to build the snowman. Once you have formed the cheese balls, roll them individually on the plate with the shredded cheese so they are fully surrounded with the cheese. Once all 3 cheese balls are covered with shredded cheese, stack them up on top of each other to create the snowman.



close up of the cheese ball snowman - he has little pieces of bell pepper for buttons

You can get as creative as you want to when it comes to decorating the snowman, which you can do right on the serving dish or platter. A quick and easy way to put the finishing touches on the snowman is by using a bell pepper, peppercorn and a small carrot. Cut the stem of the bell pepper to use as the hat and cut a part of it into 2 long pieces for the arms and 3 small rounds for the buttons. For the eyes and mouth use the peppercorn. Last but not least, cut off the tip of a small carrot to add onto the snowman for the nose! Surround the snowman cheese ball with an assortment of crackers when ready to serve.

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