On-the-go Snacks

On-the-go Snacks - From left to right: clementines, strawberries with yogurt and honey, mozzarella sticks and turkey jerky.

On-the-go Snacks

Whether it’s after a long walk around the neighborhood or hours on your feet serving others, we all deserve a snack break. These on-the-go snacks are small, easy to pack, and satisfy your hunger to keep you fueled for the rest of your day.

Kids' on-the-go snacks - From left to right: clementines, provolone cheese and honey ham, and a banana.

Have snacks, will travel (around the neighborhood).

We’ve been enjoying our family walks on local trails and in our neighborhood. We realized after we were about a mile into the first one that we should have packed a snack for each of us.

Having snacks on-hand makes it easy to pack in your day bag. Create a snack station in your fridge and pull from that to create snack bags for you or your family.

Snacking Staples
• Fresh fruit with yogurt and honey
• Vegetables and dips (ranch dressing, nut butters, hummus)
• Cheese and cold cuts
• Mozzarella sticks
• Granola bars
• Trail mix
• Pretzels
• Beef or turkey jerky
• Dried fruit

Flat lay of snacks on-the-go

Tips for On-the-go Snacks

1. Get the Gear – We love these freezable snack bags that are lined with ice packs so you have more room for your snacks. If you don’t have one at home, you can use a lunch box and ice pack or put an ice pack in the cooler part of a backpack.
2. Pack Ahead – This can be done at night or in the morning when you are prepping breakfast. Make sure you have a little more than enough for everyone in your family or for yourself if you are bringing to work.
3. Carry Out – Keep your recyclables and trash in the container you brought them in if there are not receptacles available.

Adulting is hard, snacking is easy.

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