6 Ingredient Charcuterie Wreath

holiday charcuterie plate in the shape of a wreath

What happens when traditional Christmas décor meets the kitchen? A charcuterie wreath ends up on your countertop or table! The ingredients needed to create a charcuterie wreath are no different than what you would have on a traditional charcuterie board. It’s the art behind how the cheeses and cured meats are arranged that will result in this festive look.

The best part of creating this easy-to-make wreath is that there are only 6 ingredients needed to bring it to life. For the base, if you don’t have a round board, you can use a round platter or a board that is square or rectangular in shape. If the board that you are using isn’t round, you will just have to create the round structure of the wreath as you arrange the cheeses, meats and rosemary.



  1. Cut the block of cheese into narrow triangular pieces. Set aside.
  2. Put a ramekin in the center of your board to be the placeholder for the center of the wreath.
  3. Arrange the cured meats, using the outside circumference of the ramekin as the starting point on the board into the shape of a circle. You can overlap meats as you please if you are using more than one type of meat.
  4. Add the fresh rosemary around the ramekin and around circumference of the wreath display itself.
  5. Place the triangular cheese pieces towards the center, around the rosemary and the mozzarella pearls all around the wreath.
  6. Add the pomegranate arils around the ramekin, in the rosemary bunches.
  7. Add cheese spread in the ramekin and enjoy.

a different angle of holiday charcuterie plate