Make Your Own Charcuterie Chalet, The New House in Town

Charcuterie Chalet

Move over gingerbread; there is a new house in town – the charcuterie chalet! Creating gingerbread homes during the holiday season is always a fun activity for the entire family, but this year you can add making a charcuterie chalet to that list! A charcuterie chalet is a house made with charcuterie classics – cheeses, cured meats and crackers. Just think of a charcuterie board in the form of a festive house.

Don’t let the look of the chalet deceive you, because it looks much more intimidating to make than it really is. We created the chalet a few different ways, but for us the most simple and convenient way to make it involves more cheese, a double win in our book!

Below is a list of what we recommend having to create the chalet. You can always add additional aesthetic touches that you want with any ingredients that your heart desires.




1. To start, cut two triangles out of the cheese blocks for the roof. You can always purchase triangle-shaped block cheese to keep it simple.

2. Cut the two remaining cheese blocks into small, rectangular pieces. Ensure that all the pieces are the same size.

3. Line a charcuterie board with parchment paper.

4. Begin building by creating the base of the chalet with the rectangular pieces of cheese. This will be the main structure of the house. Ensure that the length and width of this structure forms to be the same length and width dimensions of the roof.

Charcuterie Chalet step one - lay out cheese in a cube

5. Add the triangle blocks to the top to create the roof.

Charcuterie Chalet - step 2 put on a roof

6. With a butter knife, spread the soft cheese all around the chalet, from the roof to the base.

Charcuterie Chalet - step 3 cover in spread

7. Add the turkey pepperoni to the roof to create the shingles.

8. Use the crackers to create doors, windows, or any other additions to the chalet.

9. Place the arils of the pomegranate throughout the chalet as the border of the door and/or windows and roof.

Charcuterie Chalet step 4 decorate

10. Add the assortment of crackers, rosemary and other ingredients of choice around the chalet as the base and continue to decorate as desired.

Charcuterie Chalet close up

The final look might become too pretty to eat, but trust us when we say that it will be devoured in no time. The best part about the chalet is that the leftover cheeses and meats can easily be refrigerated to enjoy later!