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Mexican Cheesecake Bars

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Serves: 1 baking dish

Prep Time: 25 minutes

Cook Time: 35 minutes

About Mexican Cheesecake Bars

Our Mexican Cheesecake Bars are the perfect fusion of classic cheesecake and vibrant Mexican flavors, resulting in a dessert that’s rich, creamy, and bursting with a fiesta of taste. It’s a dessert that pays homage to the bold and diverse culinary traditions of Mexico. Whether you’re a fan of traditional cheesecake or seeking a unique twist on a classic dessert, these bars are a mouthwatering revelation. Perfect for potlucks, family gatherings, or simply satisfying your sweet tooth, they are guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser.


16 oz cream cheese, softened

1 cup sugar

1 tsp vanilla

8 oz cans of crescent rolls (2)

Ingredients for Topping

1 stick butter, very soft

3/4 cup sugar

1 tsp cinnamon

honey (optional)


01Preheat oven on 350 degrees. Spread out the first crescent roll on a greased 9×13 glass baking dish. Mix cream cheese, 1 cup sugar, and vanilla, then spread it on top of the first crescent roll, all the way to the edges. Carefully unroll the second crescent roll, and place over the top of the filling. Mix together butter, 3/4 cup sugar, and cinnamon. Spread it evenly over the top crescent layer. Bake for 30-35 minutes or until crust is golden brown. Drizzle honey over the top (optional). Once cooled, cut into squares.

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