Chunky Strawberry Pineapple Frozen Yogurt Popsicles

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Serves: 10

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: freeze 4 1/2 hours


2 cups fresh pineapple chunks

2 cups Cabot Low-fat Strawberry Greek Yogurt

2 tablespoons honey

½ cup strawberries, quartered

10 popsicle molds


01Combine the pineapple chunks in a blender/food processor until slightly liquified.
02Add Greek yogurt and honey until smooth.
03Add the strawberries to the blender and slightly pulse to lightly chop up the berries.
04Pour mixture evenly into each popsicle mold. If your popsicle mold has slots for sticks, then insert them before freezing. If not, then freeze for ½ hour, then insert wooden popsicle sticks once popsicles are more solidified.
05Freeze for about 4 hours or until firm.

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